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Some actual facts about Jess:

  • I lived in Queens & worked in Manhattan for 10 years (now I don’t)

  • I have my MBA from Syracuse

  • I got a BA in English Literature from UConn (and a minor in film studies)

  • I love naps

  • I binged watch TV before it was when you had to buy the DVD's from Borders or tape Full House marathons with a VCR

  • I have a husband, two younger sisters, and three sets of parents

Some actual facts about Livvy:

  • I live in Connecticut

  • I work with a badass female film production company that just launched a streaming platform

  • I recently graduated from Emerson

  • I love naps too!

  • I binged watch TV before it was cool too because Jess is my older sister.

  • I have a cat named Bast who loves feathers, tiny waterfalls, and pretending he's a dog.


Olivia O’Neil

I live in stories, I am the genius behind this bucket thing, and even though I'm petite I could totally kick your ass. 

Jessica Culligan

I have always loved stories in any form. Growing up I wanted to be a soap opera writer because I thought it would be so much fun to tell stories with seemingly endless imagination. Although there are tropes (plot devices or themes that occurs frequently) in soap operas there are very few rules. This lack of storytelling rules is what I really loved. Since then the media with which stories are express has only grown. I am excited by this expansion and so I consume stories at an alarming rate. The only thing I love more than stories (and my family) is sharing stories with my friends. My friends have found that they can't have a conversation with me unless they have a place to write down all my recommendations. I decided it would be best for everyone if I kept track of these recommendations somewhere we could all refer back to them. So I'm keeping them in a bucket of awesome.


A brief explanation of the name "Bucket of Awesome"

(written from Jessica's perspective) Once upon a time my youngest sister told me--in jest--she was more awesome than me , but that when we’re in public she lends me some of her awesome. I told her that, like love, awesomeness is not finite there is always enough for everyone. She said, “no, you have a bucket of awesome, and it's smaller than mine.”--cheeky little sisters, right? Anyway, we have since agreed that everyone has a bucket of awesome but it is more like Hermione’s purse, or a Mary Poppins bag, rather than an actual bucket with a limit of what it can hold. However that did not stop my sister from giving me a galvanized bucket with “awesome” written on it, for Christmas. I still have it. It’s…amazing.