Nostalgia Friday: Beyond Belief (Podcast)

Nostalgia Friday: Beyond Belief (Podcast)

What: Beyond Belief is part of A Thrilling Adventure Hour (so search for that on your podcast app). I would intro it myself but in the podcasts own words...

Favorite new time podcast in the style of old time radio, The Thrilling Adventure Hour!


It’s time to send the little ones to bed, and set your radios’ dial to spooky. Bolt the doors, lock your windows, and steel yourself for mysterious events.

Meet frank and Sadie Doyle, toast of the upper crust, headliners on the society pages, and oh yes...they see ghosts...

Frank: “Who cares what evil lurks in the hearts of men”

Sadie: [spoken in mid-atlantic accent] “Unless evil’s carrying the martini tray darling”

*clink* [sound of martini glasses touching in a toast ]

Paul F. Tomkins & Paget Brewster are Frank & Sadie Doyle and they are one of my all time favorite fictional couples! You would recognize these actors if you saw—or heard—them. Paul F. Tomkins is on an episode of basically every podcast ever, he is also the voice of Mr. Peanut Butter on Bojack Horseman. Paget Brewster was in the final season of Community and an episode of Drunk History. Just learn who they are because they are amazing.

Sidenote: The Thrilling Adventure Hour is a podcast variety show with several different series of stories. I routinely re-listen to only the Beyond Belief episodes because they’re my favorite, but they other series’ episodes are good too. All the series have really awesome guest stars like Jon Hamm, Patton Oswald (recurring character), Bradley Whitford (recurring character). (here is a link to the fandom wiki)

Why: Frank & Sadie Doyle are so in love evil cannot touch them. They are filled with enough (liquid) courage to take down any demon, devil, ghost, curse, or boogeyman. They have a drinking problem, but it isn’t really a problem for them, unless they are out of booze.

They’re episodic adventures are somehow wholesome while filled with so much drinking! It is funny, and witty, and lovely, and loving, and sometimes musical. I just love this so much, it’s the perfect thing to listen to if you want to laugh away your sorrows, or just have be entertained while you do the laundry.

If you like an old Hollywood feel, mixed with contemporary humor and storytelling, and are open to silly supernatural adventures set in a penthouse in the Plaza Hotel, then this podcast is for you! (Or if you know the old Thin Man radio program, this is a parody/homage to that)

Where: A large (but not complete) backlist of episodes are free on any podcast app, and Full backlist is available for $5/month on Patreon. New free episodes will be releasing soon (at the time of this post). There are also comic books, a graphic novel, and a DVD of other canonical content!

EP. 104 “A Touch of Keeble”

EP. 129 “The Deceased Charm of the Bourgeoisie”

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